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Praying with Seniors in Nursing Facilities

 Volunteers Susan Lombardi & Evette Shileny with Rosemarie

Fr. Chris Alar shows The Rosary Team in action

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7 minute film segment highlighting The Rosary Team with Fr. Chris Alar.

The Rosary

is a prayer of great significance, destined to bring forth a harvest of holiness
St. John Paul II, Apostolic Letter On the Most Holy Rosary.

©TheRosaryTeam June Jameson
©TheRosaryTeam June Jameson

Volunteers Don Stanley and Leo Rodriguez

About The Rosary Team

The Rosary Team is a non profit 501(c)(3) started in 2019 at a memory care facility in Boulder County, Colorado. Teresa, the founder, was working as a hospice nurse when she, along with her patients, family members, and their caregivers, noticed many entertainment options for residents but minimal spiritual support. This discussion inspired the creation of The Rosary Team.

Family members began requesting the team to come in more often, which led to 3 days per week, and the expansion into over 100 nursing facilities, wherever nursing homes exist, happened afterwards and rosary teams continue to rapidly grow.

Sometimes these seniors feel like a burden when they can no longer do the things they did. They need help with their physical needs and they have so much loss. They lose their homes, their physical abilities, and many of their friends and family have passed away.  But they do not need to lose their relationship with God and we can walk with them on this path.

These seniors are never a burden!  They can pray for peace in our world, for healing of wounds, for those that are sick or dying and many other intentions. After the rosary, the group is very peaceful, there is a remarkable difference. This is one of the gifts among many that our Blessed Mother gives to us when we pray the rosary.

Our Mission

Volunteers pray in teams with seniors living in care facilities so that all will know the powerful love of Christ.

The Rosary Team brings joy through prayer and  hope in eternal life!


Endorsement from Archbishop Aquila  
"I encourage you to prayerfully consider volunteering with this apostolate so that more of our brothers and sisters can experience the loving presence of our Lord and the Blessed Mother in their lives."

Dedicated to Marian E. Buchheit

My Mom has been a prayer warrior my whole life. She made a commitment at a young age to pray the rosary daily and included her family in this devotion. She gathered my Dad and my four brothers every evening to lead the family rosary, even during our teen years. That itself seems heroic to me because we were not always the most responsive bunch to this commitment. My Mom's daily intentions were for "peace in the world, an end to abortion, and for nonbelievers" and a consecration for her children and grandchildren to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She attended daily Mass and taught us that the world is passing, and we are made for something much greater: eternal life. 

A woman in a wheelchair sits peacefully in her kitchen, her hands draped over a rosary as she quietly recites prayers.

The Rosary Team is a group of compassionate volunteers who pray the rosary in pairs in nursing homes.

Join The Rosary Team and pray in your community! 

Donation Invitation

The Rosary Team has placed over 300 volunteers in over 100 facilities who, together, pray over 40,000 rosaries a year.

Yet dozens of volunteers await to be placed and many more residents await their own Rosary Team to gather them in prayer, offering their rosaries up for the salvation of souls.

Your gift of $250 will establish a single rosary team. A $25 monthly gift maintains a team.